Counter Terrorism Training (ACTS)

Action Counters Terrorism (ACT)


Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) awareness and security are specialised training courses for front line security operatives. The courses provide up-to-date counter-terrorism knowledge that will help you prepare for, and respond to, terrorist incidents whilst on duty.

Please use the link below which takes you directly to the e-learning page:

or by visiting the ProtectUK website and following the drop-down menu Training and click on e-learning.

You will need to create an account to benefit from the full ProtectUK services.
You will have access to two courses:

1. ACT Awareness – counter-terrorism guidance for all UK-based organisations and individuals.
2. ACT Security specialised counter-terrorism guidance for front-line operatives.

If you have not completed the ACT Awareness course, you must do so before starting the ACT Security course. Don’t forget to save both your certificates as evidence of completion.
If you need to leave the e-learning and return, just log into your ProtectUK account and you can continue from where the left off.

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