Resolve Security Services

Recruitment Application Form

This application form must be fully completed to ensure you can be screened in compliance with the current British Standards 7858. You will be contacted upon completing the form if there is any additional information or documentation we need from you to complete your vetting process. We would be grateful if you can provide all information as accurate as possible.

Resolve Security will try to accommodate your personal preference with regards to shifts. However, due to the nature of the security industry – if offered work, you may be required without prior notice to work days, nights or rostered shifts. Resolve Security cannot guarantee permanence at any particular site and you may be required to work at any site within the companies area of operation.
Continued work is conditional upon satisfactory vetting, medical and general performance. It will be initially for a probationary period of twelve weeks. During the probationary period, your services may be terminated giving no less than 24 hours notice.

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