Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy


Resolve Security Solutions Limited, a door supervision provider, recognises the contribution that it can make as a company to Sustainable Development both through the service that it provides to clients and in the way, it conducts its own business. It is the aim of Resolve Security Solutions Limited to effectively contribute to the financial, social and environmental wellbeing of the communities within which it operates and those of its clients and suppliers. The company understands that Sustainable Development needs to be embedded in its business strategies, decision making, and practices at all levels to enable on-going, long-term success. It also identifies that the provision of specialist Sustainable Development services and advice will play an important part in contributing to this success for Resolve Security Solutions Limited.

In support of these objectives, Resolve Security Solutions Limited is committed to continual improvement through:

  • Adding value for clients, including the enhancement of environmental and social performance and the articulation of economic opportunity through the provision of high-quality services and advice.
  • Delivering its services using an effective system to enable clients to be informed of the possibilities for increasing the sustainability of their operations and projects, providing specialist services as appropriate.
  • Growing the business while maintaining financial stability, supporting wealth creation for investors, employees and to assist communities.
  • Complying with relevant legislation, regulation, and other requirements as applicable.
  • Conducting our business in consideration of ethical issues with integrity.
  • Providing employees with rewarded employment and personal development opportunities in a safe working environment, free from discrimination or intimidation.
  • Implementing a system to encourage the practical purchasing of goods and services in accordance with sustainable development principles.
  • Consideration of the principal social and environmental impacts of our activities, decisions, services, and advice on the communities with which we interact, to mitigate impacts and maximise the positive.
  • Encouraging the involvement and support of all employees in sustainability initiatives.
  • Continuing to roll out the company‚Äôs Environmental Management System (EMS) to cover all aspects of the business and expand and improve the EMS to embrace relevant social and economic objectives to become a broader Sustainability Management System (SMS).
  • Engaging with key stakeholders internally and externally to identify and understand their principal issues as relevant to the company and its contribution to Sustainable Development.
  • Communicating and explaining this Sustainability Policy to all employees and contracted personnel and making it publicly available.
  • Publishing this Sustainability Policy as an external document available to shareholders, clients and other interested parties.
  • Reporting on the implementation of this policy internally on an annual basis, and externally from 2009 onwards.

To support the implementation of this policy Resolve Security Limited is committed to the establishment of effective governance and management practices in the context. This will be facilitated by focussed communications and training for all employees. The achievements of these practices will be tracked using performance indicators linked to stated Objectives and Targets, which will be reviewed throughout the business on a periodic basis.

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