Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

It is the aim of Resolve Security Solutions Limited, to ensure that the operation of the Company, in no way, adversely affects the environment.

A commitment to continual improvement of environmental performance, with a view to reducing environmental impacts to levels not exceeding those corresponding to economically viable applications of best available practices and techniques.

Policy aims:

All new policies introduced into Company procedure will be assessed for their effects on the environment and will encourage employees to reduce their negative impact on the environment.


The Company aims, where possible and practicable, to minimize the use of energy in its buildings, vehicles, and equipment.


The Company will ensure that the drivers of all Company vehicles will adopt a sensible driving style to reduce noise levels and omissions thus reducing noise and environmental pollution.

The Company will work towards a reduction in environmental pollution in our operational areas.

The Company will ensure that a strict policy is adhered to in the purchase of materials to meet operational needs and to minimize the production of waste.

The Company will ensure that the condition of buildings, surroundings, and facilities available are operating in accordance with our environmental policy.

Signed for and on behalf of Resolve Security Solutions Limited.




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