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Brighton Beach Patrol

Brighton Beach Patrol was set up in 2015 as a response to increasing concerns for public safety along the shoreline and lower promenade, noticing an increase in Intoxicated related drownings including a recent death of 2 young males who entered the water intoxicated for a dare, we felt that presence and intervention was the key to reducing further drownings within our city.

With approval from Brighton and Hove City Council and Sussex Police we were given authorisation to patrol between the Brighton Pier and the i360 using a quad bike on a Friday and Saturday nights till the early morning of the following day.

Our initial aim was to intercept members of the public attempting to enter the sea whilst intoxicated, however, our presence very quickly resulted in carrying out a wide range of other tasks, including:

Mental Health
Crime Prevention
Missing Persons
Predatory behaviour
Beach Fires

Within the first year we had reduced not only drownings, but sexual assaults, suicides, physical assaults and beach fires. We soon gained a reputation with local businesses and residents as a point of call to report concerns for people near the waters edge or in distress on the promenade.

Brighton Beach Patrol is a charity organisation which relies on donations to operate and maintain the quad bike. Our aim is to receive enough donations to enable us to operate every Friday and Saturday night throughout the whole year.

Brighton Beach Patrol is a registered charity: 1187360




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